ShampooMATE Pink

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No more wash day fuss! ShampooMATE is the first ever hair washing aid designed to minimize mishaps while washing your little one's hair. ShampooMATE features soft touch cushioning and ergonomic design, specially crafted to keep you and kids comfortable while making washday a breeze. This must-have tool supports your child's neck at the proper angle to prevent injury and discomfort, while keeping water and shampoo away from the eyes. No more bending over the tub, slipping in the shower, or flushing shampoo from their eyes! With ShampooMATE, washday is quick easy and safe - just as it should be.



  • Dimensions 16" x 5"
  • Colors: Black/Pink
  • Features: Ergonoimic design, cushioned neck support, safe for ages 3+ 
  • Materials: Polyethylene foam, cushioned fabric
  • Made in the USA