Shampoo day made easy

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COMFORT, ENTERTAINMENT, FUN? Somehow those terms are typically NOT associated with shampooing/washing children's hair at home. Well that is until now. The ShampooMATE is here and it takes away the Shampoo Day Blues!!! Yes you read that right. The ShampooMATE takes away the Shampoo Day Blues!!!

The neck rest is designed to support your childs neck while getting their hair shampooed while at the kitchen sink. It basically turns your sink into a shampoo bowl. The ShampooMATE also comes with a mat to eliminate spills and provides cushion while laying flat. With the ShampooMATE the struggle during shampoo time is OVER!!! Yes moms THE STRUGGLE IS OVER: no more neck strain, no more back strain, no more screaming "the water is in my eyes", LOL that's right #NoMoreShampooDayBlues. So give your little one their favorite electronic device and let them enjoy themselves while laying comfortably on their ShampooMATE. Your beauty will indeed be COMFORTABLE, ENTERTAINED, have FUN and like my own daughters; possibly even fall asleep during their shampoo time.


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